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 Accounting system

In the platform AskYou all deductions and fees are performed before transfer of the sum to the account of the item.
Payments to authors are performed without any other fees.
Authors receive all payments that were made during the campaign period, regardless of the success of the campaign.
Any collected monthly amount is transferred to the account of the item once a month, it allows to start the implementation of the project, even if the required amount is not yet collected.
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Our website is a multicurrency platform. You can choose a convenient currency to display all amounts on the site.

Proceeds to the item can be performed in different currencies. Recalculation and converting the amounts of each item for display on the site on each page load slow down the site and significantly increase the load on the server. In this regard, in addition to the actual (strict) accounting, a statistical accounting is conducted, which is used to display all amounts on the site.


≈ Statistical accounting

Statistical accounting is conducted in US dollars and is used for rapid withdrawal amounts on the site. At the time of receipt of payment in another currency, amount is converted into US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of receipt. Given the resulting amount all the statistics of the item are updated at the same time. When displaying amounts site the statistical account data is used, which is converted into the selected currency by the user for displaying.
Statistical accounting avoids the recalculation of amounts in different currencies for each item on each page load.
Statistical accounting is approximate and may vary slightly from actual due to differences in exchange rates in the different periods.

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Examples of statistical accounting


= Actual (strict) accounting

The actual (strict) accounting is conducted in currencies of proceeds separately and is passive. Recalculation and summation are made once a month at the time of preparation of reports on payments to the authors of the item. Payments to authors are made in the initial currencies or in currencies of accounts of the item at the exchange rate at the moment of payment. Transfers between accounts of the site and of the authors are executed at the rate of payment systems or banks.
The actual (strict) accounting is displayed in the statistics of the specific transfer, in the control panel for the authors, as well as in monthly reports to the authors and guardians.

Examples of display actual (strict) accounting

Other features of accounting are explained in the relevant sections.

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