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A fascinating fund-surfing

Let's see what is what.

  General principles

There are two groups of regular users on the site:

  • community of fund-surfers;
  • The authors of fundraising campaigns for various projects and ideas or for support, encouragement or assistance.
The fundamental difference from crowdfunding is the shift in focus to the first group of users: the site was created for those who are willing to participate in the fundraising campaigns, even of unfamiliar people, that will lead to useful activity and extracting profits and pleasure. Outwardly, the difference is expressed by the new interface, new tools and functions that are not needed in the crowdfunding, but which are critical methods in the fund-surfing. From the viewpoint of the functional aspects the logic and the order of the processes change during the fundraising campaign with the emergence of alternative ways and methods. Therefore fund-surfing initially is focused not on the authors, eventually directly concerns the authors, creating a favorable environment for them and providing enhanced capabilities.

Fund-surfers can become guardians of various fundraising campaigns and get a small percentage of the proceeds to the patronized campaign. The resulting profit fund-surfers can spend to support any of campaigns. Becoming a guardian of a campaign, fund-surfer undertakes to make efforts in promoting it, to help in any way possible. The main methods are collected in a memo to quardians. Fund-surfers do not necessarily need create their own fundraising campaign, but the developed account on the site with a lot of friends and the accumulated funds provides significant advantages in the case of placing the campaign in the future. These advantages could help friends of the fund-surfer also.

The authors of the campaign can regulate the work with guardians, remove inactive or unhelpful, can refer to guardians with questions and requests, develop joint PR-actions. It is important for authors that the remuneration to the guardians would bring a significant gain in the dynamics of the campaign and would approximate the success.

  1. The more guardians (not just donators), the higher the trust in the campaign. The authors aspire to attract their friends to the site as a guardians for their campaign. This expands the community, also the possibility of accumulation of funds and impact to the fate of campaigns motivate activity.
  2. Obtaining and distribution of profits from the trusteeship of campaigns can be planned, building specific strategies which can turn into a fascinating game, benefiting the authors of campaigns.
  3. The more active fund-surfer, the higher his rating and authority. The most active fund-surfers orient and guide the community. 



Fund-surfers are united into the open community, whose members can actively interact: new friends, correspondence, pitches for discussions, creating their own pages with a certain set of campaigns, clustering for the implementation of unified strategies. 

Each fund-surfer receives at its disposal a set of convenient functions and tools:

  • configuring of site content for languages and categories, for example fund-surfer is only interested in certain themes of the campaigns - he can set the entire site only to work with the campaigns of these themes;
  • tools for sorting, filtering, marks, tracking, statistics;
  • flexible subscriptions that track tiniest events around the interesting campaigns or friends;
  • action planning, public and private groups, the creation of strategies, participation in strategies.


  What benefits will authors of the campaigns receive?

  • The active fund-surfers are always interested in new campaigns to become their guardians and make a profit, and therefore they track new campaigns carefully. For the author it increases the chances that the campaign will be quickly noticed, picked up and helped in the promotion.
  • The constant availability of funds in the Money Boxes of fund-surfers increases the chances of a quick start.
  • Now friends can not only just to support the campaign, but can also actively participate in its success: they can refill the account of the campaign due to the the profits from trusteeship of other campaigns. Even if a friend of authors did not initially have the opportunity to support the campaign financially, with high activity on the site he will be able to do it.
  • For authors campaigns, the themes of which are incomprehensible for a wide range of users, an alternative way of raising funds is opened: it is possible to actively promote other people's campaigns, and the profit to spend on support their campaign.


  The most important features of the site

  engine of the platform makes it possible to work in a unified manner with the campaigns of various types and significantly expands the themes of the campaigns

What kind of fundraising campaigns can be created on our site?

  a different system of financial relations, basic principles here

  different language policy

  Conduct an experiment
Please visit the known crowdfunding platform Let us imagine you are a Spaniard and know English poorly. On the site indiegogo you can choose the Spanish language, the language selection is at the bottom of the page. Select Spanish and make sure that nothing has changed fundamentally for you: only the interface language will change, but not campaigns or their languages, though according to the logic Spanish campaigns should be leading in the review. In other words, the language of the visitor does not affect the content of the site.
The division of the site into separate language subsites conducts to their isolation, which is useful, for example, for news websites, but it is highly undesirable for crowdfunding as subsites lose the opportunity to cooperate profitably. 

Obviously, the problem of languages in crowdfunding cannot be solved by standard methods.

We see prospects in a deployed implementation of the multilinguality:

  • For authors of fundraising campaigns. Authors can create multiple versions of description in different languages for specific national audiences. This is convenient because the descriptions need not necessarily be accurate translations, authors in different language versions can consider the national traditions, beliefs, or, for example, recall the last tour in a particular country, incorporate herein by reference to the national resources with the press releases or interviews and so on.  In today's world it is not difficult, all have foreign-language friends who will not only help to make the description, but will assist in the promotion among friends in appropriate language. 
    Also other features are important:
      - the campaign has a single url-address and not have to worry about the language: the site independently will determine the language of the visitor and show the appropriate version of the description;
      -  is possible to reach the maximum audience, because not everyone understands English, and it is not necessary to conduct the promotion of several similar campaigns on platforms with different languages;
      -  promotion of the campaign in national social networks will be simpler and more natural in the national language.
  • For an ordinary visitor. The content is filtered by the language of the visitor, so the Spaniard will see only the Spanish campaigns on the home page, as on an ordinary Spanish website. The visitor may enable additional languages and will conduct a review of campaigns in all the enabled languages. The site is a single whole, fund-surfers can work with any campaign, regardless of language.
  • The following three videos describe multilingual campaigns. These videos are for demo items # 18, 19, 20.
    Watch videos about language policy


If to try in practice


All campaigns on the site are placed in containers - items. Fund-surfers work just with items: mark, remove, sort, and so forth.
Look how an item works (A quick tour of the site - Start Demo).
Also there is a condensed mini-copy of the item for fund-surfers.


Become a fund-surfer. Use  Log in →  Login for fund-surfers, login using account of social networks or register.
Go to   MY OFFICE . Small videos below will help you quickly to understand with most important functions.

1  Customize your own content filtering for the entire site.

Video 1: Content filtering


2  How to organize a comfortable workplace on the site.

Video 2: Some methods and tools


3  A guardianship, how does it work?

Video 3: Guardianship



Become a guardian of any company.
In this page there is a general information about the Fund of guardians.
More possibilities of guardians are described in a memo to guardians.

And how to test the addition of a fundraising campaign?

You can use any test data for try to add a campaign. Not clicking on the the last step the button "DONE!", the added campaign can be removed completely. 

The form of addition of a campaign on our website is one of the most advanced among crowdfunding resources. It allows to add almost any type of fundraising campaigns.

To test the form use МENU→  ADD AN ITEM .
Prior to the official launch of the site, new campaigns do not publish.


Contact us via the Contacts or Facebook, or fund-surfer AskYou Team.


We have created a system in which not only the friends will come to help authors of campaigns, but also unfamiliar people, each with their own circle of friends, a system under which the mere fact of publication of campaign on the site offers significant chances for a quick start and success, but however, a system that stimulate a high activity and creativity.
Constantly keeping in mind the creation of the best conditions for the authors, we primarily take care of those who are the real assistants for the authors, users who are ready to unselfishly, with a small benefit or for the sake of intellectual entertainment to help authors in carrying fundraising campaigns.


Be at the origins, stay with us.

AskYou Team


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