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 Success story #4     From friends and loved ones
From friends and loved ones


01. 02. 2015


Russian Federation

From friends and loved ones

  Success story

$  3 758102 %


$  3 700  

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dmY 01.02.2015 0 days 01.02.2015
$ 3 700 102 % 3 758

Нас поддержали 8 близких нам людей. Бывает трудно убедить людей в том, что то, что ты делаешь, может что-то значить. Но всегда есть люди, которых ни в чём убеждать не нужно.

Спасибо Вам!

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Success story  From friends and loved ones   


   We are the team site. We created this campaign. It was the first campaign. We created this campaign in order to friends and closest people could support our work on the project.


134 232 rubles


   We have collected 134,232 rubles from March to June 2014. Since July 2014, we began work on a new version of the platform AskYou, economically spending the collected money. For the update had to rewrite platform engine and database structure.


Version 5.0


   On January 24, 2015 AskYou platform has been updated to version 5.0. Due to incompatibility with previous versions, we decided to completely clear the database by removing all content.

So we created again this campaign, we simulated replenishment account for the amount of 134,232 rubles and put the campaign in this section, as the memory of the first aid rendered to us by the closest people.


Accounting system


   To you will seem strange difference between the amounts. This is due to the difference of the ruble against the dollar in different periods, internal accounting is carried in US dollars. (The average exchange rate during the campaign period: $ 1 = 35.72 rubles.) Details of the accounting system is written here.


Now it is our history.


   That's how the site looked until 24 January.



 Only the author and the guardians of the item have the rights to add entries in the diary.


 Guardians not only financed the item, but also to take responsibility for the promotion and support.


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