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This campaign is specifically designed for a brief presentation of this site.
You will learn about the amazing opportunities of fund-surfing and will be able to try everything in action.
We hope our project will be useful for you or your friends and you will help us to launch it.

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Start. Stay at the beginnings.   

We are a team of this site. We greet you!

This website is a platform of fund-surfing, it's a territory of those who intend to help others, getting the opportunity to accumulate funds and useful contacts for the future.

How does it work? There are two groups of users on the site : the authors of fundraising campaigns and the fund-surfers. Fund-surfers can become guardians of various fundraising campaigns and participate in the promotion of the campaign that is profitable and allows them to make new unselfish friends. In addition, it is exciting and allows to show intelligence in the creation of a variety of strategies to maximize benefits.

It is not necessary to create your own fundraising campaign, you can just be a fund-surfer and participate in other people's campaigns as a guardian.
If in the future you are going to add a fundraising campaign, the developed account of fund-surfer will give you significant advantages and a quick start for your future campaign.

What kind of fundraising campaigns can be created on our site?


Platform AskYou has many differences from the classical crowdfunding.  We have prepared a detailed description of a platform for professionals and experts. It is here.


How to start or what to do?

Support us. We collect money, and that has specific targets: registration of the company, the decision of other legal issues, without which it is impossible to start work site officially.

 Become our guardian!

This will give you advantage in the future, your MoneyBox will be replenished, useful communications will expand, the authority will increase.
The site will open the full functionality, you can fully evaluate it, indicate our mistakes and failures. At the same time you will help us perfectly at the moment. 
All the way you will be accompanied by hints, explanations and videos. 

You can use a insignificant amount ($ 1-2) to become the guardian and bring benefits in the million!

You will become a guardian, what's next?​ – read, if you are in doubt, a separate section.

To become a guardian, follow this link.

If you are not ready to become a guardian, there is a button above   How to support, see how you can help us in a different way.


Video examples

We hope you watched our introductory video.

Additional videos (use English subtitles if any):

Examples of language policy
The main methods of fund-surfing
Content filtering



Also at the moment the campaigns without useful content published on the site, we try to periodically transfer small amounts to the various campaigns. This is to ensure that the site's features were visible in full.

About our further steps we will write in the Diary (button above), but if you become our guardian, we will never be lost, and you can configure subscription in strict accordance with your wishes.

Become a fund-surfer, catch your own wave!

AskYou Team


 On request moderators: documents confirming the accuracy of the item have been checked.



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