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You have become a guardian of the item. What's next?   

We will tell you about all the possibilities that are not always so obvious.
Every time when planning your activity or a new strategy you can access this section.
To do this in your office you have a link:  
What could be your goals or benefits?
  • You get a profit when you patronize other people's campaigns
  • Expanding your activity, you strengthen your credibility, relevance and the ability to target other users, which can be very necessary during the implementation of your own fundraising campaign or campaigns of your friends
  • You can plan and create a gambling strategies to get maximum pleasure from your activity
  • You will make such friends that you will not find in ordinary conditions

  Each transfer to Moneybox

Now your Moneybox will be replenished from each transfer to this campaign (except for transfers from MoneyBox of fund-surfers).
The more successful the fund-raising campaign, the faster will be replenished Moneybox.
Make an effort to make the campaign a success.

  How to spend money of Moneybox

Our site is not a site for earnings, its purpose is completely different, so the system is not provided for the withdrawal of money from a Moneybox.
You can transfer the money to the address of any campaign, including the address of your own campaign, without any fees.
Each item has a button for it

  Statistics of Moneybox

Watch for statistics of Moneybox in the office!

The data about your payment is stored in the Office section "Your stats":


  • If you have lost interest in the campaign, simply discard the trusteeship.
    Use the button inside the item:
  • If you have identified fraud or believe that the campaign could cause any harm, refuse trusteeship.
    Further, using this section, plan your actions to convey the necessary information to users and society!

First steps

  Make a statement about yourself

Let your friends know about your payment. Personal example is a very effective tool for the promotion of any campaign.

Go to the Office, section "Your stats":

Find your payment, then "certificate". On the page of the certificate, use the button "I did it!".

  Configure subscriptions

  • General, with the highest priority

    Go to the Office, section "Subscriptions":

  • Subscriptions of this campaign

    Go to the Office, section "Items that you patronize":

    Use the button "Subscriptions of the section":

Go to the campaign page (item page).
On the campaign page, click the button "How to support?":
Decide what else you can do for the campaign.

  Configure your account

Go to the Office, section "Settings":

  Your profiles

Bind external accounts of social networks to your account on the site. So your friends can find you and communicate with you outside the site.

Go to the Office, section "Settings":

"Link/unlink to profiles":


Your consistent activity, along with the actions of authors and other guardians are necessary part of the overall fundraising campaign.
Actually, everything is quite simple. Plan what you can make of the possible.

Any action prompted by the experience of crowdfunding.
Some are of a psychological nature.

  Friends and acquaintances

Invite your friends to the campaign page. Go to the campaign page (item page). Use the button:

And if all your friends are actively using social networks? In the Contacts section of your phone you will find a lot of people to whom you can turn for support.
Send or transfer them a link to the campaign.
The link is on the campaign page in the section "How to support?":

Friends do not have to help financially. They can help in any other manner described herein!
In addition, you can become a guardian of the campaign, spending $ 0.10, and bring benefits in a million. Authors will never be against such a guardian!
Keep this in mind when communicating with your friends!

  Widget, blogs

If you have a blog, place the widget of the campaign in your blog.
Go to the campaign page (item page). Use the button "Choose a widget":

Contact the familiar bloggers with the request for placing link to the campaign, article or widget.
If the placement will be paid, but effective, refer to the authors of the campaign with a proposal.

  Campaign diary

Trust of people always rise to the things for which there is a lot of positive feedback, which is actively discussed.
Guardians have the right to write in the Diary of the campaign on a par with the authors.
You can write in a diary of the campaign about your communication with authors and the trust in them, about your observations of statistics and etc.
Go to the Office, section "Items that you patronize":

Use the button:


Write comments and answer them on the campaign page.
Try to create a discussion or provocative situation in your comments.
Go to the campaign page (item page). Use the button:

  Social interaction

Share your comments and blog entries of the campaign with your friends in social networks.
Such links are much more efficient than the usual references to the campaign page, as they convey the dynamics of the campaign.
To do this, each entry has a special button:

With this button, you can share a variety of events:
  • comments
  • diary entries
  • share this interesting gift
  • tell about fund-surfer or about yourself
  • I became the guardian or tell about a new guardian
  • talk about the refusal of trusteeship of the campaign
  • tell about your payment
The button will appear in all possible cases.
But be consistent. If you have just registered on the site and become a guardian:
  • tell first that you have become fund-surfer

  • then share with your friends that you have become the guardian of the campaign

  • in the end tell about your payment
Obligatorily and as often as possible, use the described button to share with your friends the process of development of the campaign!

  Communicating on the site

Make friends and partners on the site.
Go to the Office, section "Friends":

Connect with your friends and partners through a system of personal messages in the Office:


Share your thoughts about the campaign in the discussion by category or among friends. Discussions are not displayed on the campaign page and are available only for registered users.
In the discussions you can ask questions, express your predictions or doubts, advertise campaign and attract new guardians.
Go to the Office, section "Discussions by categories" or "Discussions friends":

  Your pages

You can create your own page with your desired set of campaigns, and invite friends to your pages, orienting them.
Go to the Office, section "Your pages":

You and authors

More often inform the author of the campaign about your actions so that they can elaborate a strategy to promote, conduct active correspondence with them, ask questions, express your thoughts and doubts, offers suggestions of promotion.

  How to correspond with the authors

Go to the Office, section "Items that you patronize":

Use the button:

  How to ask a public question to the authors

Go to the campaign page (item page).
On the campaign page, click the button:

  Interview with the author

Think about your own interview with the authors of the campaign. Coordinate interview questions with the authors via correspondence.

Ask agreed questions through described form "How to ask a public question to the authors". Fill out the form again for each new question. All questions will be displayed in the Diary of the campaign.

Let your friends know about your questions.

After the authors answer the questions, do not forget to tell your friends about that!

  Your status in society

If your status in society is high enough or you are well known in a particular area, suggest to the authors to use your name in the promotion.
Think how it would be possible to use your name, offer your own versions to the authors.

  Your gifts

You can offer to authors your own tangible or intangible gifts for this campaign if it costs nothing to you

  Your exhortation

Each campaign has its own exhortation, which appears when you press:

The exhortation is also used as a short description of campaign for the links in social networks.
If you see fit, offer your own version of the exhortation.

  Your translation

If you speak a foreign language and are willing to perform a free translation of the description of the campaign, suggest it to the authors.
An additional translation into another language of the campaign will expand the audience of the campaign.


Fascinating and benefit are the main features and purposes of fund-surfing.
We give examples of the possible and the simplest strategies.
The rest will prompt your imagination.

  Strategy 1

The more guardians for campaign, the higher the trust in, the better promotion and closer to success, but the less profit from the trusteeship campaign.
Look for new campaigns for trusteeship to increase profits. To become a guardian of the new campaign, you can use the Moneybox.

  Strategy 2

Become a guardian of many interesting campaigns, trying to extract the maximum profit.
Accumulated funds can be put aside or transfer to the account of a particular campaign. This may be your own campaign, for example, the future.

  Strategy 3

Create a group of your friends, negotiate within the group of prioritization in the creation and support of the campaigns. Promotion by group is always effective.

  Strategy 4

Achieve high authority on the site. You will be able to provide for compensation for your services in the promotion of new campaigns.

  Strategy 5

Bring new and exciting campaigns to the site. Knowing in advance the theme of a new campaign announcing it in social networks among their friends.
Immediately become the guardian of the campaign after its publication. First guardians at the beginning of the campaign get maximum profit, because at this moment the campaign is actively supported by the author's friends.

Hurry to support the campaign!

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