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 Site terms

  1. Website (hereinafter site) gives to Internet users the functional interface for creation of multilanguage campaigns to raise funds and collective funding as well as multifunction capabilities to review these campaigns.
  2. The site provides the ability to create and conduct campaigns to raise funds and collective financing, satisfying the following conditions:
    Themes of the campaign Campaign Objectives
    Demonstration of new tricks, bests, records, unique skills and abilities, talents and experiences
    Video, picture or series of pictures with description
    Providing to visitors the opportunity to make the encouragement or repayment to the author; raising funds for equipment, props, filming and so forth.
    Corporate projects of businesses and individuals
    Projects that have overstepped the stage "we have an idea, but we have not pondered it in detail". Projects of firms, organizations, art groups. Active projects that are in need of funding.
    Fundraising for the implementation of creative, scientific, social or economic project; crowd funding for projects, including the perpetual funding for the appropriate active projects.
    Private projects
    Projects and ideas of private persons at any stage of development. Projects of small groups of like-minded people in the early stages.
    Fundraising for legal registration or initial implementation of the project. Fundraising for the analysis, expert estimation, deliberation and modeling of ideas.
    Charitable organizations
    Various legal status, including any associations of citizens. The purpose of any campaign is to help other people.
    Collecting donations for a charity including perpetual campaigns. Raising funds for particular projects of organizations or groups of citizens.
    Volunteer programs and initiatives
    Programs, projects, initiatives of volunteer movements and of individual public volunteers.
    Raising funds for specific needs, procurement of goods, clothing, food, equipment and so on in accordance with the initiative, plan or program. The description should contain information about the recipients, prices, quantity, delivery methods, and other costs.
    Personal or particular requests
    1) Trouble, difficult life situations,
    2) irresistible urge to buy something.
    1) Collecting donations to overcome the difficulties of life.
    2) Requests for assistance in purchasing anything made in an original way that is able to stimulate a person to evaluate your creativity.
    Emergency treatment
    Urgent cases of raising money for treatment.
    Collecting donations for your treatment, treatment of your loved ones, friend or acquaintance.
    Other Other cases of fundraising.
  3. The site publishes items: 1) meet the specified conditions, 2) appropriate ethical standards, 3) with the factual, truthful information, 4) having a logical content, 5) approved by the moderators. Website does not make any other restrictions for authors of campaigns.
  4. By using a single e-mail address, authors can create an unlimited number of campaigns and combine these campaigns in the collection with a common name.
  5. Authors may use one or more e-mail addresses to accommodate campaigns.
  6. All items tested by moderators. Moderators may refuse to publish the item in the event of non-compliance rules of the site or without logical content (explicit spam), and the item will be deleted without warning. If necessary, the moderators may request submission of documents confirming the accuracy of the item.
  7. The user has at his disposal the control and statistics panel of his item.
  8. Successful is the campaign that has gathered the required amount. Successful campaigns are moved to section "Success stories".
  9. Authors receive all payments that were made during the campaign period, regardless of the success of the campaign.
  10. Donations are credited to the accounts of our site of different payment systems for a month. After the 10th of the next month, the full amount is transferred to the accounts of the item. Currency conversion is performed at the rates of payment systems. Our site is not a commercial organization and is not responsible for changes in the rules or activities of different payment systems.
  11. At the time of the transfer of funds from the donators to the amount of the transfer fee applies, certain tariffs site.
  12. All comments checked. Comments containing spam, violating the principles of mutually respectful dialogue, delete. The authors of such comments may be blocked temporarily or for ever.

From each transfer offer for commission:

- 4% commission of website

- 5% commission of the Fund of guardians

    Money Fund of guardians distribute by the guardians of the articles between the articles at their own discretion.
In the event of a successful campaign and thoughtful relationship between authors and guardians, coming from the Fund of guardians sum can even exceed the sum of the commission to the Fund guardians.

   Fund of guardians   |   Moneybox:   What's this?

Any fund-surfer has its own moneybox and can become a guardian of any item   

If you will become a guardian of the item:
  • Your moneybox will be replenished funds of the Fund of guardians
  • You will be able to full control of its stats
  • You will be able to write in a diary of the item on a par with the author
Becoming a guardian you are taking the following obligations:
  • participate actively in the promotion of the item
  • actively communicate with the authors, support the author's promotion strategies, or offer your own strategies
To become a guardian must:
  • to have your own office on the site (to be a fund-surfer)
  • transferred to the item any amount of money

Read more: You have become a guardian of the item. What's next? Read  

From each transfer of the item (excluding transfers from the moneyboxes of fund-surfers) charges of Fund of guardians are deducted.

Currently the commission of Fund of guardians is 5%. (Site terms - Tariffs)

The extracted amount is immediately distributed among all moneyboxes of guardians of this item in equal parts.

Thus, the moneybox of fund-surfer replenishes funds of all items which the fund-surfer takes care.

If this item has no guardians the extracted amount goes into the moneybox of the account Support and then will be used to support items by the choice of moderators.

The fund-surfer can spend money of the moneybox for support any items on the site
using button   

  Transfers from a moneybox are performed instantly and without any commissions.


The guardian is required to be active and interested in advancing the item.

Authors of the item may remove a guardian at any time if they consider that his custody is useless.


Fund-surfer can replenish his moneybox by own funds (My office - Add to Moneybox).


  Read more about the accounting system

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