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Equalization fee

AskYou is multicurrency transnational platform.
Intersystem accounts of the items, Moneyboxes, Fund of guardians and transactions between them are virtual. The actual cash flows is carried out only at the time of receipt of funds with payment systems, as well as in the period of payment to authors of the items.


On account of the item may be credited funds in various currencies, from different countries and in different ways, also to accounts of different payment systems.
At the same time payments to authors perform by specific methods defined by agreement between the platform AskYou and the authors of the items.


Allocations to Fund of guardians, transfers from Moneyboxes to the accounts of the items are intrasystemic virtual operations. Ways to replenish Moneyboxes and final method of payments to the authors of the items can be very different.


To prepare funds for the payment to the authors of items in necessary ways, in the period of payments occurs movement of funds between payment systems, currency conversion and other activities, which in most cases accompanied by a variety of fees and commissions of payment systems, banks. These are costs of cash flows.
The equalization fee is charged at the time of receipt of funds (support of items, replenishment MoneyBox) in order to compensate for the costs of cash flows.


The size of the equalization fee is determined by platform AskYou and meets the following criteria and conditions:

  • platform AskYou tries to minimize costs of cash flows;
  • platform AskYou conducts a separate accounting of the funds of equalization fee taking into account of repayment of the costs of cash flows;
  • the size of equalization fee is constantly adjusted in view of past costs and changing conditions;
  • the size of equalization fee shall be determined separate for each currency;
  • funds of equalization fee are not profit of platform AskYou and can not be used otherwise, except as a means to repay the costs of cash flows.

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